"NVC has helped me to pick out the real truth before I communicate. I've used it to discover what's really going on and how to say difficult things well. It's also helped me to learn about boundaries - when to leave things alone or when to speak up.  I've found the practice to be a great mechanism to bring clarity, understanding and much needed compassion to the thoughts and feelings of myself and others.  I enjoyed Cath's teaching a great deal. She brings a light touch and a wholeheartedness and wisdom to her sharing of NVC. Sue Fielding, artist

"Having the two maps (NVC & 5 Rhythms) really complimented each other i.e. thinking then moving, allowing the brain, body, spirit, all, to work through and process NVC for a deeper understanding".  Samina Ali, Regional Business Manager, Gastroenterology


"The training has been great in awakening me to my patterns of communication. Jackals is a great concept for me to grasp on to and just this awareness seems like a breakthrough. Cath was a lovely, light, bright energy at the front of the group. Her presentation was gentle but authoritative and informed. She listened to my questions with compassion and understanding and always tried to accommodate."   Andrew Hassenruck, Film Editor


"Cath's lightness of being and humour which shines in her brought a sensitivity and empathy to the whole group and to my process. It was glorious to witness how she used the dance map of NVC with others and her teaching is beautifully engaging." Annette, Teacher

"Using movement in dance helped me to connect to someone when words felt inadequate. It gave me the opportunity to empathise and feel compassion towards him without the pressure of getting it ‘wrong’."


"Before the first dance session I felt quite stressed and fearful as I’d never done this type of movement practice before. Initially I felt uncomfortable but after a minute I started stretching and began feeling more relaxed and calm. I closed my eyes and started to feel my body, every part of it. The deeper we went into dance the more connected I felt with myself.  The more connected I felt with myself the closer I felt to the group. I loved the energy we all created there. It was the atmosphere of acceptance, joy and calmness. It was such a precious and powerful experience." Marianna

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