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Empathy Moves

NVC & Open Floor Dance: intermediate residential training & retreat


Four days, three nights living and learning NVC in community, including an Open Floor Movement session each day - no ‘conscious dance’ experience necessary! For those who’ve completed at least a Foundation Training in NVC this is an opportunity to develop and embody your NVC practice. We'll practise listening empathically, including when we're under attack; soothing our inner critic; taking responsibility for our own reactivity; speaking up instead of holding back. 


Thur 16th Aug 3pm (arrive from 1.30pm) - Sun 19th Aug 4.30pm

Shipston-on-Stour, the Cotswolds, 90 mins from Paddington





Holycombe Holistic Retreat Centre, Whichford,

Shipston-on-Stour, CV36 5PH



Sliding scale for facilitation: £400 - £180. This will be requested at the end of the workshop

Food & drinks: £40

Venue & accommodation: various, ranging from £186 to £132

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What to expect?

Plenty of fun and heartful connection with a group of people wanting to be more conscious and compassionate in their communication. We'll have morning, afternoon and evening sessions, some shorter to make space for rest and enjoying the beautiful environment. There will be structured input on specific themes and practice using NVC dance-floors - kinaesthetic maps of our inner process and outer dialogue - along with guided meditations, exercises and role-plays. One daily movement-to-music session will help us embody specific aspects of NVC. If you’ve never done 'conscious dance' before - welcome! You absolutely cannot do it wrong, and you’ll be given guidance, exercises, as well as space to ‘just dance’. You will be encouraged and supported to stay connected to your needs and be in choice about the activities you participate in.


Why movement?

I keep discovering new ways in which mindful movement supports the practice of NVC. Conscious dance increases Emotional Intelligence - quite simply, as we move e-motions stir, creativity and intuition awaken and we discover a richer internal landscape to bring into relationship which is more satisfying for everyone. Many of us have been conditioned to cut off from our emotional world to stay safe but sense that something is missing. When we move we can feel more alive and bringing this aliveness into conversations helps others feel as well as hear our words - this increases the chances of connection. Through dance we get more comfortable in our own skin which can help us be bolder in asking for what we want and more able to tolerate a “No”. Some of us are highly reactive, easily angered, fearful or disorientated by the words and behaviour of others. All of us have brains that are biologically programmed to react disproportionately to the common forms of stress we encounter every day. Bringing awareness to movement helps us regulate our emotions: we learn to use the body to ground and centre when we’re under attack, so we can choose how we respond in challenging conversations.

Testimonials: "Before the first dance session I felt quite stressed and fearful as I’d never done this type of movement practice before. Initially I felt uncomfortable but after a minute I started stretching and began feeling more relaxed and calm. I closed my eyes and started to feel my body, every part of it. The deeper we went into dance the more connected I felt with myself.  The more connected I felt with myself the closer I felt to the group. I loved the energy we all created there. It was the atmosphere of acceptance, joy and calmness. It was such a precious and powerful experience." Marianna

'Using movement in dance helped me to connect to someone when words felt inadequate. It gave me the opportunity to empathise and feel compassion towards him without the pressure of getting it ‘wrong’.’ Kate


More info about Open Floor Movement Practice:



Simple vegetarian meals will be provided, with all food being prepared by you and the other participants, usually in teams of three / four. The menus will be planned in advance to make things simple and easy and an organiser is there to coordinate each meal. This is our tried and tested method of catering that keeps catering costs low and supports community-building.


There are lots of accommodation options from stylish comfort in the main house to glamping (yurt, gypsy caravan, airstream) and camping.
Have a quick look here:
And for a general overview of the venue:


Questions & booking:

Places are limited to 12 and accommodation is on a first-come-first-served basis. It really helps us with our planning & financing if you book early by sending a deposit of £100. Accommodation & food payments due in full by 16th July. Contact Sue: OR Cath: 07847 828 636


More about payment:

I ask you to make two separate payments. Beforehand I ask you to pay for the actual cost of hiring the venue and accomodation plus 20% which goes towards but doesn't fully cover the cost of my and Sue's accommodation. In addition £40 for food and drinks.


At the end of the workshop I ask you to give me a contribution for my facilitation and other costs. I'll give 10% of this to Sue for her admin, food & meals coordination & general assistance. This also goes towards our travel costs and all my other costs such as preparation & admin time. I give another 10% to the Centre for Nonviolent Communication to support their work globally.


The purpose of the sliding scale is to engage you in considering both your and my needs for sustainability when choosing what to give. It's a way for me to live in a spirit of trust that we’re all willing to hold and consider equally care for ourselves and each other. And it asks quite a lot of you as a participant – to really reflect on everyone's needs and what the experience has meant to you, and then to offer a payment appropriate to your financial reality. So, for one person, it might be a real stretch to afford the bottom of the scale; for another, giving at the top end might hardly be missed.


Your payment can be in cash, by cheque or bank transfer the week after the workshop. I’ll ask you to put it in an envelope on the last day. 




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