NVC Foundation training

A 2-day Foundation Training with give you a solid grounding in the principles, mindset and practices of Nonviolent Communication. 


You will be invited to work with your own examples of difficult conversations, interactions and feelings in a safe way by doing sharing and listening activities in pairs and small groups and sometimes reflecting individually.


What is Nonviolent Communication?
NVC, also known as and Empathic or Compassionate Communication, is a practical and learnable process for relating to ourselves and others with understanding and empathy. It is about much more than simply the words we use.


What skills can you develop?
Speaking:  confidence to have difficult conversations that may otherwise be avoided or end badly; clarity about what you’d like and how to ask in a way you’re likely to be heard; creativity in finding solutions that are satisfying to everyone; giving supportive feedback; being honest without hurting or offending
Empathic listening:  capacity to fully take in another’s experience, especially when they are in emotional, physical or mental pain; hearing the needs behind another’s judgments; staying grounded and open even when under attack;  hearing what someone is saying ‘yes’ to, even when they express a ‘no’
Self empathy: awareness of the needs and values fuelling your feelings in each moment; finding a way back to aliveness when jaded; transforming anger, guilt and shame into life-serving wishes; staying with your experience without judgment and with empathy; getting creative about fulfilling both your smallest hopes and wildest dreams
Here Marshall Rosenberg, the person who developed NVC, explains the purpose of NVC in 5 mins


June 29th & 30th; 10am to 5pm; Saturday & Sunday

September 14th & 15th 10.30am to 5.30pm; Saturday & Sunday

December 7th & 8th 10.30am to 5.30pm; Saturday & Sunday



Jun 29th & 30th; North London Buddhist Centre

Sept 14th & 15th and Dec 7th & 8th: City & Westminster College, Paddington Green Campus, 25 Paddington Green, W2 1NB, London, United Kingdom



Individual rate: £160 (If you are a regular employee and you will be paying for the training from your own pocket).

Small Charity rate: £200 (If you work for a charity with fewer than 15 employees and they will pay for the training).

Public sector / Large Charity rate: £240 (If you work for a public sector organisation, such as a local council or the NHS, or a charity with more than 15 employees, and they will pay for the training).

Private sector rate: £300. (If you work for a profit making company and they will pay for the training).

If any of the above prices would make it difficult for you to attend, please contact me – concessions are available.


Queries & Booking

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