a way to find clarity and Inner peace

Using the framework of Nonviolent Communication I support people who are:

  • In conflict and reacting in ways destructive to their relationships

  • Upset about a particular issue or conflict

  • Want to develop a compassionate relationship with themselves

  • Hampered by regret

  • Stuck in the face of a decision

It may be to do with work or personal life. 

Thank you again for taking the time to clarify the things that are most important, and for providing a space that feels very safe for me to explore, it really means a huge amount to me.

One-to-one NVC support can bring a sense of relief and hope

I work in person or on Skype, for one-off sessions or over time. To get the most out of these sessions it is helpful, but not essential, to have some training in NVC. If you are seeking one-to-one support please contact me and I’ll send you a contract which gives more details about way I work.

You made the right atmosphere, with a combination of structure and spontaneity, to help me reflect in a way that I had not done either on my own or in conversation with others. And it helped me make a tricky life choice.
— David, economist