Immersive residential retreats with movement and dance

Free and easy: Easter retreat in Devon

April 14th to 19th, 2020

Come and immerse yourself in 5 days of NVC training and practice, including movement & dance sessions, living in compassionate community, with time and support to relax and restore.

The theme of this retreat, Free and Easy, is a loosely held invitation to:

  • release and let go of whatever you may be straining and striving for, to the extent that is possible for you 

  • receive empathic support for any challenges or difficulties 

  • take your NVC practice to the next level by practising and experiencing safely held NVC processes, empathy circles and NVC through movement and dance

What to expect

A group of 10 - 12 people spending the mornings practising NVC through guided meditation, exercises, role-plays and kinaesthetic NVC ‘dance-floors’. There will be opportunities to work with NVC processes for transforming regret, anger, shame; making decisions; self-empathy.

There’ll be a dance session each afternoon where you get to learn and practice different aspects of NVC through movement. If you’ve never tried ‘conscious dance’ before you are especially welcome. No experience is necessary – you cannot do it wrong! And all ages, body shapes, abilities and fitness levels are welcome. 

In the evenings you’ll be invited to meet in small groups for an ‘empathy exchange’ - a chance to be heard without judgment for anything at all, and to practise listening to others with empathy.

To keep costs down and NVC practice up, we’ll be cooking meals for ourselves :-)
Menus and ingredients will be provided and you’ll be asked to cook a couple of simple vegetarian meals, alongside someone else, with the support and ‘supervision’ of  Sue who’s assisting me and you on this retreat.

There’ll be plenty of time between sessions when you’re not cooking to rest or walk in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

There’s also the option of a sauna and outdoor fire.

My intention is for this structure to meet needs for connection, nourishment, rest and relaxation, growth, learning, discovery, companionship and community, movement, fun, beauty…..

“Happiness cannot be found

Through great effort and willpower,

But is already present, in open relaxation

and letting go”

Lama Gendun Rinpoche


A minimum 2-day Foundation Training and preferably some Intermediate level training and practice. No ‘conscious dance’ experience necessary.

Board & accommodation

All food & drinks are provided and prepared and cooked by us (see ‘what to expect’ above). Meals will be simple and vegetarian. We can cater for special diets but PLEASE inform us of your needs IN ADVANCE.
You’ll be sharing a twin room or have you own private space in a partitioned dorm. There’s one single room.


Eden Rise Retreat Centre, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7LJ


Fixed cost: £235 to be paid in advance which covers the basic expenses of running the retreat - accommodation, food & handouts
Cath’s request for facilitation, organisation & administration: sliding scale £450 - £250 to be given at the end of the course


Train to Totnes
Short taxi ride (about £10) to Eden Rise


Snapshots from a 5 day NVC & dance holiday retreat in France, May 2019