NVC Deepening & Practice Groups in London

I facilitate three on-going NVC groups in North / West London that meet once a month for half a day both to practise and learn further NVC skills.  

What’s an on-going group?

People who’ve done at least a Foundation Training in NVC join for a block of 5 sessions (meeting monthly) with the opportunity to continue after that.

This format allows you to meet with the same people over time, which helps to build trust, safety and community. Each group has 9 or 10 members, some whom are new and others who’ve been there for a couple of years or more.

What are the sessions like?

Each session usually has a theme, some input and a specific exercise to practice, like a mini workshop.
There is also flexibility as a group to decide what and how we want to learn. The group also provides a space where you can receive empathic support for your personal struggles, as well as a sense of community and inspiration. Occasionally we work with live issues, applying NVC when judgments, feelings, needs are stimulated in relation to each other. We want to support each other to embody and live NVC.

Days, times, locations

Saturdays 12.15pm-3.30pm: Kensal Rise, Willesden Junction
Sundays 2pm-5.15pm: Queens Park, Kilburn
Thursdays 6.15pm-9.30pm: Highgate, Muswell Hill


I have a sliding scale of £200-£125. 
I ask you to consider your and my needs for sustainability when choosing what to give me. I propose this in the spirit of trust that we’re all willing to hold and consider equally care for ourselves and each other. As a guide I suggest the low end if you’re a full-time student, on benefits or in serious financial difficulty; mid range if you’re on a low income and need to budget carefully and the top end of the scale if you can afford to eat out regularly and holiday abroad annually.


There are two intakes per year for new members, beginning February and September.
If you’re interested please let me know you’d like to join my waiting list via my Contact page.


  • “I’ve been in an on-going NVC practice group lead by Cath for a while now. I’ve found this an excellent way to keep the practice of NVC alive for me.  By meeting regularly with the same group we build trust. Cath provides tasks and exercises which involve us all and help us grow our ability to use NVC. The depth of listening and attention we provide each other is extraordinary. Even if I arrive cut off and unsure I leave feeling moved, connected and heart warmed!!  I’m sure all of this is enabled by Cath’s gentle present leadership” Sam

  • I really enjoy belonging to the ongoing group lead by Cath and find it really supportive to my practice.  The regularity of the sessions keeps my practice alive, and sustains momentum.  I also find Cath to be very warm and welcoming to what is alive, as well as a skilled facilitator and practitioner – she  provides content which I find new, fresh, practical and useful.  It is like a mini workshop, but with continuity of people, opportunity to practice together in safe space, and also the content of which we can collectively choose.  I find practicing with this group, ably lead by Cath and with some committed regulars  for a few hours a month really supports my learning, and keeps NVC alive for me, in an efficient way.”  Sue

  • “Cath warmly and gently holds the space for NVC learning, clearly introducing the topic and then using full group discussion and a variety of smaller group exercises.  She demonstrates NVC in action in her organisation of the meetings, balancing the varying needs of individuals in the group.” Katie

  • “Cath creates a space where we feel safe, playful, tender and experimental. I like our group which is not a drop-in but closed for five months so we can get to know each other and build support gradually and at a natural pace. I like the way she provides plenty of opportunities for us to explore our everyday (challenging) life experiences, which I found really valuable for learning (the safe atmosphere helps) and also gives us enough time to really get intimate with our feelings.” Asako